New year’s resolutions #2014

It’s official, 2014 is here to stay!

At least for 365 days…

Awwww new year, how charming!
New beginnings, new decisions, new resolutions…. same old me! (WHO IS OLD??????)

So what do you say?
Shall we go on and make a few new year’s resolutions?

inspiring new year resolutions

if animals made new year's resolutions

new year resolutions for the past years...


Like every year, these days I have come across all sorts of new year’s resolutions.
Funny ones, inspirational, creative, touching, eco-friendly, black and white, with cats and dogs, animations… (I can go on all day) And really, the beginning of a new year is indeed a great time to make changes in our lives to the better.


This year there is one more thing
I am squeezing among my new year resolutions: 

calvin hobbes new years resolutions

Cause I am perfect the way I am!
(that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hit the gym more often…)

Happy 2014 everyone,
remember to love yourself more this year! 🙂

35 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions #2014

  1. Happy New Year, dear Ioanna! Keep bringing smiles to people’s faces – you are master in that 🙂 I mean not only in that, of course, but definitely also in that! 😀

  2. I have never made new year’s resolutions. That’s because I never understood all the hubbub over a simple number change. Instead, I treat each and every day like any other day, and by scheduling personal time each day, I’m never disappointed when the weekend is over, when Monday comes, when the holiday ends. I also never get burnt out because of that personal time I schedule each day.

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