Why paper will never go out of fashion

paper notebook

There are so many internet tools and resources pretty much about everything, keeping notes, writing a book, maintaining a to-do list and so on. And I bet all of us always carry a smart phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, you name it.

But when it comes to inspiration no one beats paper.
(Well, maybe old lousy typewriters but that’s another blog post…)


• Have you ever tried smelling a new, fresh paper notebook? It’s an addiction…

• There are so many different notebooks, thick and heavy, colorful, tiny or big, serious, playful, one for each purpose and person!

• Writing (I mean actually writing) is always a pleasure. Ink, smudges, words and phrases are born, pages are filled, stories come to life, it’s true creation out of nowhere!

• It’s you on that piece of paper. Your words, your handwriting, you.

• There’s a beauty in coming across your old notebooks. Even if they are filled with mathematical formulas, you hold something that used to be empty and you filled it with life.

• You can draw in there.


I know I am being old-fashioned and romantic.
But I can tell you that, 
paper combined with a pen and a cup of coffee can make miracles happen.

paper notebook

27 thoughts on “Why paper will never go out of fashion

  1. I had to teach a course I had never taught before (Social Welfare Policy Analysis) and not my strong suite. I decided to dig out my notes from when I took it in Grad School. I opened the puppy up and knew it was mine because it was my handwriting. That was all that was familiar. I didn’t understand a word that had been written – it could have been in a foreign language. The course, however, became one of my favorites to teach. I LOVE paper and pencils and pens and notebooks of all sorts. I have gotten in the habit of composing on the computer, BUT I am starting to write on paper again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have tons of journals and notebooks that I’ve accumulated over the years, and it’s so nice to pick one up randomly and look through it. I still prefer paper books rather than electronic ones too. I think you’re right; we’ll never lose our love affair with paper. 🙂

  3. Absolutely true, Ioanna! I can only be a channel of creativity and ispiration when I bring my pen on the page. My book was created from many journals and notebooks I kept through the years.
    All best!

  4. I totally agree. There’s nothing like feeling and smelling fresh paper out of a beautifully covered notebook and the sudden urge to write on it! Same with books, actually. No iPads will ever be able to mimic that feel I get when I open, smell and turn the fresh pages of a newly bought book.

  5. i think i have fallen in love with the line ” paper combined with a pen and a cup of coffee can make miracles happen.” It is just EXACTLY what i think. With these things combined,it doesn’t just remain about things,it becomes an experience.
    visited your blog after quite some time,and I’m so glad I did!!!
    Cheers to your post and your blog!! =)

  6. I see people on the beach all the time with e-readers and think how I must be the last holdout!
    I just can’t bring myself to buy one. I know I’d my beloved bookstore and roaming for hours to find the right book to take home! Gotta have that tactile sense of holding something papery when I read!

    • Awww books filled with sand, my favourite! Sand in books adds a little more to their magic, as when you open a summer book in the middle of the winter and discover the hidden sand it’s like a rush of freshness! What device could ever pull that off?

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