What NOT to do when you’re feeling extra weird – The ultimate guide

Today I’m having the weirdest feeling ever.

 This sums up what’s going on between myself and me point down



So I said meh, since I can’t do anything to stop it I might as well blog about it, let’s get some value out of this craziness, how about a 101 list about




Before I begin unraveling the situation, let me get one thing straight: I am pro weird. Cause why be normal?? Unleash the beast, be yourself and have fun!

But man today is so… ehm… like medically weird. Like I’m drunk but I swear I haven’t had any alcohol, there’s this energy ball in my chest pumping (no, I don’t mean my heart, that’s been in there for 31 years now) and keep stalling me from being productive or even thinking straight. Like this tiny, crazy, evil (and cute) puppy that’s jumping up and down all day telling me to do all sorts of things, like get that full back tattoo or book those tickets for tomorrow. (I’m sure there’s a very medical condition with a very serious medical name associated with what I am feeling.)

So just to be on the safe side I drafted a couple of safety rules if this thing continues.

Behave heart!

What NOT to do when you’re feeling *extra* weird

Social Media

  1. Facebook: No posting. Not even a little bit. Control yourself woman, there’s no reason why you should speak your mind about everyone and everything today.
  2. Twitter: Who cares about my Twitter rant right? On the other hand what goes online stays online forever (and what goes around, comes around too).
  3. Instagram: The option of picture posting makes the situation so much worse, so nope.


  1. Parents: PLAY IT COOL. Parent’s get rattled easily, play it cool, you can do this.
  2. Colleagues: Oh no no no no no, minimize all communication, they’ll know you’re crazy in a blink of an eye.

◊ Socializing

  1. Clothing: Just pick a skirt or a pair of pants, not both. Go classic, no reason to re-invent the wheel in terms of fashion. Nope, leave Lady Gaga alone.
  2. Other people: Note to self: Don’t be overly friendly or chatty, BEHAVE!

And last but not least: Don’t hit that tattoo yet!


I’ll update this manual as I go, so far it’s been pretty helpful preventing awkward situations from evolving. Hopefully I’ll survive these 24 hours (no more, hear that myself?) and nobody gets hurt, including my public image.

On the other hand…

who cares right???

I must say, I feel so much better getting this out of my chest &
knowing that this blog is my safe place where I can be as crazy as I want 🙂

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