It’s been a while

It's a long story. 
In fact, it's a 1 year and 5 days long story.

I literally accidentally bumbed on my blog today and started reading one post after the other, after the other…. Made me smile, felt like i was back to my old house, what a warm feeling! This blog was my happy place, where I’d grab a coffee and come chat with people i may have never met in person but felt like friends.

Coming back here today I see so many familiar faces, makes me wonder why i left in the first place (another time, another post)

And then I scrolled up and realized that my positive blog is characterized by this “Dies slowly” post! Ok, that’s a pretty good poem but damn it’s depressing…! 1 year and 5 days ago I posted the that poem and sice then I hadn’t found the energy to get back in here and turn this sad feeling upside down.

Well, i think it’s time we painted the woals of this room a brighter color again, shall we?

good mood kitty gif

Hope you are all doing well, healthy and happy 🙂

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