One year with no music

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I am generally a positive person.

Lately though I have been feeling low, not sad, but empty. Nope, my life is only getting better. Yes I do work a lot but it’s not the first time in my life I have to work 10 straight hours.

So what’s wrong???

I changed my phone.

Went from Android to iPhone. Big deal. Well, turns out it actually is! You see as an android user I had all my music in my phone’s folders, I had my playlists, listening to my favourite songs was only a tap away.

Now… Now I have to have an app for that. An app to get to listen to my music. I either have to pay for the app to have a decent experience or get the songs (wich I already have apparently) from iTunes. Or some other way I am not aware of and I don’t have time to look for. Obviously I haven’t found the time or patience to do any of the above.

So no music for me.

My favourite songs are trapped in my old android phone.


It’s amazing what music can do to you, and I just realised that a year after I lost it. I became swampy in an unconcious way, like something I couldn’t figure out was missing. I understood that “something” was music when I accidentally heard one of my favourite songs in the airplane while boarding the other day.

Felt like a revelation. Like I was thirsty for so long and finally I was offered water.

Damn you Apple.

8 thoughts on “One year with no music

  1. I absolutely know what you mean. The periods when I go without listening to my favorite musicians is like time without my friends. You need both! 🙂

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