Weekly photo challenge: Endurance -or in my case- Resistance

Having been away for so long, today I decided to get back on track and join WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge once again (Gosh, it’s been like years…!)

I googled (since even my computer forgot the address) and finally got the precious link… clicked it and…. 

the daily post

What’s this? What’s all this red? Where am I? I don’t remember the daily post looking like that?
Oh no, no, no, no…

And closed the browser.

Another incident of the same kind happened to me a couple of days before. There’s this blog I get awesome Social Media Marketing posts from, the Buffer blog, so I was talking about it with a friend, and in an attempt to show it to him I realised… OMG it has changed! Different theme, different layout, all different!

I was shocked.

I am sure that by now you’ve understood where I am getting this. Obviously I have a problem, I am resistant to change. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that about myself, what I hadn’t realised is that I get shocked over a tiny theme change of my favourite blogs…

I just can’t get past it. It’s doesn’t feel like my favourite person just had a hair cut, it feels like she had a face plastic surgery and I don’t recognise her anymore!

Am I the only one who gets surprised (to say the least) when people change their online looks?
Should I consider therapy??? :-/


20 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Endurance -or in my case- Resistance

  1. Well I was completly shocked when you made a change to just one letter!! I is now a J and none of my links recognize you. Twitter and Facebook is just not the same anymore Ioanna… I mean, Joanna.

  2. I know what you mean with that… i felt like this in some things. But i try it by myself and won, without any help!

    Recently, i discovered this talk on TEDx, and makes all sense and i thought that was exactly what happened with me!
    So, try to do it, and, in 30 days we will talk again! 😉 eheheh

    Kisses, hoping for news!

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