How to move the world


airport lounge


Airport lounge, after a long night’s hard work and I keep yawning with no mercy.

Across the room I see a middle-aged woman dressed in airport colors, sitting by the check-in counter and looking at the flight screen every couple of minutes. She looks as if, somehow, she doesn’t belong here, strangely enough, she looks scared.

I eat a chocolate.

She stands up and, looking down, she walks quietly towards a man sitting close to her. She mumbles something I can’t make out, hands out a piece of paper and while she is about to pass it over to that man, he gestures negatively and refocuses on his smart phone.

I eat another chocolate.

She does the same to everyone sitting on the west side of the lounge. Some take the piece of paper and some don’t. But none of them talk or smile.

“Strange…” I think and eat another chocolate.

Now she moves on to my side of the room. I start to get excited. Asks the man siting on the first bench, moves on to the second and finally she reaches the woman a couple of seats away from me. I feel a strange urge to get up and hug her and that is why I eat another chocolate. (Don’t judge, those chocolates were pretty tiny you know) Finally, Oh my God, she comes towards me.

– Hi -she says, and with one breath she continues would you be kind enough to…

– Hello! -I answer back with a smile

She looks up at me and I see this fuzz of confusion in her eyes. She smiles and, as if she has to retell the story from its beginning, she goes:

– Hi, would you be kind enough to take this survey regarding the airport facilities?

– Oh Goodie, I love surveys! -and take the piece of paper from her hands.

A pinch of laugh comes out of her mouth and immediatelly she rearranges herself into seriousness. Smilling she hands me over a pen.

– Oh don’t worry, I have my own pen, I wouldn’t want to take yours, it seems like you need it.

– Thank you -she smiles back and all of a sudden I think she’s not the scared person I saw sitting across the room earlier.

I complete the survey, draw a smiley at the bottom of the form
and eat another chocolate.

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