International women’s day and I am pissed

WARNING: This is not a “nice” post.

So yesterday was international women’s day, celebrating all the accomplishment women have achieved all these years. Like every year this day (and some others too, like Christmas) my facebook wall and private message board get swamped of inspirational messages and awareness games.

Add a heart in your wall, no text, no comment. Then send this message to all your women friends (just women!) If someone asks you what this heart means don’t say a thing, because this is breast cancer week, dedicated only to women.

And I have a lot of similar messages that involve colors, food, numbers etc and of course not revealing the “secret”. Why? Cause it’s breast cancer awareness day/week, it’s only for women you silly!

Lets post hearts and be cancer aware! Hearts of course, because we are girls!

To my beloved women facebook friends: Did all of you, who posted hearts today, got your breasts tested this year? Did you do your pap test lately?

I’ll tell you about breast and any other cancer awareness. Awareness is talking about it, really talking and not posting pink hearts, cancer is not pink, so how about we stop sugar-coating the pill? Want awareness? Why don’t you post something like “To all my women friends: I had my pap test today and so should you”. I’ll tell you why, cause it’s not cute and fluffy like a heart. News flash: neither is cancer.

Posting hearts and inspirational quotes and talking about awareness is a piece of cake.
Want to be cancer “aware”?

          1. Don’t postpone your gynecological medical tests
          2. Visit and help cancer patients.

I am not the good one here either. On the contrary. Two years ago I painted Jack for 12 kids with neoplasmatic cancer. My mom said that chemo jack (that’s how she calls him as he used to “count” the therapies with her) helped her go through her chemotherapies so I thought I could be a “hero” and paint Jack for my hospital’s kinds. Well, Jack is still waiting in my room, 2 years later. Why? Cause stupidly enough I am scared that it won’t be enough. Silly me painting stupid monster pictures for kids who win death everyday. So don’t be like me.

How about we all started actually
about cancer
while we are being cancer aware?

7 thoughts on “International women’s day and I am pissed

  1. I agree with you, completely. Plenty of sweet pink hearts all over the blogs is just…silly and has nothing to do with cancer awareness – breast or any other for that matter. If a person wants to support that cause, if she/he REALLY cares, the ways of showing it are very different from the “pink heart guessing game”. My family just lost somebody dear to cancer on another pink day – 14th of Feb…one of (but definitely not the only one) the reasons why your post really “spoke” to me.

    • I know that everyone who plays all those cancer games does it out of kindness but relating something so real and scray like cancer with pink hearts can be annoying to people who have experienced cancer. It’s sad to hear why this post spoke to you, I wish all cancer patients were only people who managed to beat that @#%#$&^ disease…

  2. Just about everyone on my mom’s side of our family died of one form of cancer or another. It’s sad. It’s scary. I guess that’s why people try to get cute with it. I can only hope that your Facebook friends have called their doctors and are taking care of business. I’m due. I’m on it!

    • That sounds fair, maybe hearts do make a scary situation look “easier”, but to me it looks disorientating. And it gets even worst as in Greece we tend not to speak of cancer, in some cases people don’t even call it that, they call it “the bad disease”, as if when you don’t say its name you will be be safe.

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