Impressive Brain Exercise!

I came across this picture in Mind Blowing Facts and I was indeed mind blown…

At first I got disappointed cause all I saw was numbers so I took it as a sign that, since everyone else could read it, I was the stupid one… But wait, It does work!

You gotta try this one, yes, read it!


brain exercise


So did you read it?

Isn’t that impressive???


47 thoughts on “Impressive Brain Exercise!

  1. Ahahah!!! This is one of the examples… but we have another one:

    Do you lkie to raed my bolg?
    Or… copying, pasting you text:

    “At frist I got dsiapoinpetd cuase all I saw was nmuerbs so I took it as a sgin taht, sncie eevroyne esle culod raed it, I was the situpd one… But wiat, It deos wrok!”

    The brain organizes the words quickly, but it has an important detail: the first and the last letters of each word can’t change the position!

    Try that! πŸ˜›

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