Impressive Brain Exercise!

I came across this picture in Mind Blowing Facts and I was indeed mind blown…

At first I got disappointed cause all I saw was numbers so I took it as a sign that, since everyone else could read it, I was the stupid one… But wait, It does work!

You gotta try this one, yes, read it!

brain exercise

So did you read it?

Isn’t that impressive???

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47 thoughts on “Impressive Brain Exercise!

  1. Ahahah!!! This is one of the examples… but we have another one:

    Do you lkie to raed my bolg?
    Or… copying, pasting you text:

    “At frist I got dsiapoinpetd cuase all I saw was nmuerbs so I took it as a sgin taht, sncie eevroyne esle culod raed it, I was the situpd one… But wiat, It deos wrok!”

    The brain organizes the words quickly, but it has an important detail: the first and the last letters of each word can’t change the position!
    Try that! :P

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