I sell cows on Etsy! (honestly)

Don't laugh, it's true, I sell cows on etsy.com!

I think it’s probably the moon, cause lately I have this energy to bring to life all those things I have been doing for me, like writing or painting… The result of this weird planet activity is that my Etsy Shop is officially, as from today, open!
If you are looking for the perfect cow, you are at the right place!

Proudly presenting…

mad cowz art etsy shop

(Yes, it’s cow paintings, not actual cows…)

But these paintings are not your regular paintings. Mad cowz are cows with a purpose! To lighten up your room and bring color into your life!

They are designed to be happy and therefore make you happy too!

To make the happiness recipe work all you have to do is choose or create your unique cow. A cow that speaks to you, that expresses your personality and character! Take a look at the cows, your other half may already be born!

♠ Visit the Mad Cowz Art Etsy Shop
to find paintings of regular cows, famous cows, stylish
and lots of other unique cows!

Take a look, mad cowz have a facebook page and a blog! Care to join the flock?


All cows are handmade by me, with acrylic paint, black marker and lots of love! ♥
Find out more info on painting dimensions, shipping and more in the Etsy shop or in the brand’s policy page.

♠ Wish me good luck! ♠


Love Mad Cowz???

love mad cowz

Visit the Mad Cowz Art Etsy Shop to find your own set of cows, like the Mad Cowz Facebook page, join the flock of cows over at the Mad Cowz Blog and of course feel free to email me at ioanna.aggelidaki@gmail.com with any questions or to just say moo!

44 thoughts on “I sell cows on Etsy! (honestly)

  1. You’re awesome! Ahahah!

    Reading this post, you have to visit Azores… why?! We have many cows and, when i saw the pictures, you made me smile because we have some gifts for tourists…

    You made my day! 😛

  2. good luck Greek cow (ooooops I meant Greek Goddess) and I join in with my sing-song “moooooo, moooooo, moooooo…..” 🙂

  3. tzovanaki einai teleies!!! thelo na sou parageilo dyo me sygkekrimena themata…gia prosopiki hrisi!! Tha milisoume gia tis leptomereies!
    Good luck!!!!!!!!

    • Βενάκι???? Τι κάνεις εδώ πουλάκι μου????? Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Για σένα ότι θέλεις! Έτσι και αλλιώς σε έχω στο πρόγραμμα,δε γίνεται να έχει μόνο το ένα Χειαρακάκι αγελάδες! 😉

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