The Monstrous Project

*Drums please*

I present you the Monstrous project!

It is a huge project, complicated work that requires specific talent and hard work, high tech equipment and a well-trained group of people.

Ok, ok, it’s just an ebook… 

But that doesn’t make it less monstrous!

Jack the Monster

Remember Jack? My monster?

Well Jack has a story behind him, a small story I wrote a couple of years back and now I decided to go public, get out of the closet, (although it’s more possible you would find me in the fridge, where there is food) and publish it! “Publish” in a matter of speaking, I only want to make a decent pdf file ebook, and finally bring my monster to life!

Oh well, the story is ready to go, I just need to paint the pictures… Worst part ever… Blank paper is so intimidating…

A few friends helped me see how Jack looks like digitized and sort a few things out in my head about how i want the book illustration to look like.

Rusty doodle, a fellow blogger, and Manos Kotsifakis a dear friend! Thank you both, I appreciate your help so much! 🙂

Rusty Doodle Zazzle store

Please take a moment and pay my friend a visit, he has an awesome zazzle store where you can  find all sorts of things like magnets, pillows, baby clothes, notebook, accessories and the list goes on!

A bit about the story...

Jack is a blue monster struggling to fit in a world of monsters. He is different form the others so he wears a costume and mingles among them; he even gets to be friends with some of them. But is Jack happy living a life in disguised? Find out…

This tiny book talks about how we see ourselves through the thoughts of a monster, how we strive for social acceptance and what, at the bottom line, makes us happy.

Jack is me and probably you too.


SO, the reason why i am writing this post is so that i won’t get away with it. Now you know I promised to create this tiny book, it’s like a contract, I can’t back off…
Fingers crossed I will make it happen! (I will keep you updated)


Happy Fall!

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