Do I share too much online? #privacy

Today I had a fight.

A big one. Facebook started it and Google+ made it even worse. I freaked, I yelled at them how I wanted to break up with them, punched a few pillows, cried, shouted a bit more and now I am happily sedated….


Honestly now. Have you noticed how those two want to know everything about you???


Fcabook everyday questions

facebook questions

Facebook practically knows every move i make. And it even has an opinion about it!

Come to think of it, we gave Facebook that right, we upload everything! Ourselves (of course), ourselves in swimsuits, ourselves at work, ourselves drunk, our food, our pets, our houses, our home address, our phone number, our babies, and the list goes ooooooooon…….

So of course Facebook can ask me how i am feeling! And by the way….

It's none of your business!!!

And then, I don’t know why (i must be crazy), I moved over to google+. Bad move. Seems like google+ is even worst!

google+ info obsession

Since i didn’t answer its questions, it got even more pushy!

Google+ Are you in a relationship obsession

Really now google+, why do you even want all this info??????? Is it because you love me so much? Click here, see the whole list of all the things google+ is asking of me.

I really think it is a competition.

Who knows you better, or, who has the biggest amount of your life-data. I see google arguing with apple…

Google: I have their phone numbers (gmail security check)
Apple: I have their voice id (Siri)

And finally apple strikes back. Did you know the new iPhone unlocks by your fingerprint? Oh nice, a fingerprint database! (Apple: Got you google, i win! MUAhaha)

Iphone fingerprint unlock

Read – fingerprint privacy

You will now tell me, who would ever be interested in your fingerprints???

Not me (I swear). Well, who was even interested in your LinkedIn passwords last year? (6,5 million LinkedIn passwords leaked) I don’t think anyone was actually interested in your LinkedIn profile so much in order to hack it. They just wanted to prove they could. And they did.

And don't even get me started on "Internet frauds"...

I help a friend grow her blog and the other day we got bitch slapped in the face. Sorry for my language but we kinda lost our blog domain and now it is used to mirror our content and get all the traffic. Of course those kind people generously offered to give us the domain back, as long as we paid 750$ per month. Sure… I will write all about it in a future post. In the meanwhile, if you have experience with this sort of things, give us a hand here


I tend to exaggerate and overreact.

I am actually great at it. And at the bottom line, everyone is responsible for his/her own self. So if you want to upload pictures in Facebook of your new-born, go ahead. And if you are one of those people who keep telling the world where they had lunch and what time they left home, go ahead and take this lollipop,

I dare you

Take this lollipop Facebook app about privacy

“Take this lollipop” Facebook app about privacy and personal data, click to “play”

27 thoughts on “Do I share too much online? #privacy

  1. I know what you mean. 😦 It’s hard to use social media and maintain your privacy. For twelve years, I’ve lived in a small town where everybody knows everybody else’s business. I’ve had to learn to be secretive and guarded.

  2. To add a little cherry to your ponderings, did you know that from a photo you’ve taken from a cell phone, tablet etc, anyone can trace and pin point your exact location and time it was taken? Yeah, it’s a brave new world! 🙂

  3. I get you, completely! And, though I do enjoy quite a few things technological development have brought along, still…there’s that fine line when “How are you feeling?” becomes intrusive. What would be the next question? “Do you want to talk about it – I have a virtual couch here?”. Especially while going on with their loud declarations about “Privacy” on the sites…yepp, exactly…

  4. yes… and no … and yes… and awesome post. I quit google+ I quit facebook. I rather have blog and twitter connections or even better an e-mail friendship that transforms to a real letter friendship.

    What I share on my blog is filtered, self censored, delayed and generally not actual and not specified.

  5. So great to read this post!
    When i saw “Take This Lollipop”, 1 or 2 years ago, i was scared about that…

    Yes, Social Networks should make people to think more about their privacy… but no… only few people do that…


  6. great post, and NO, I don’t upload pictures of myself on FB, nor on the Blog, I do have a “real life” ….. In “virtual land” you never know who is looking at you or at your pictures….. and no, I don’t bore everybody by tweeting that my tuna sandwich tasted nice at lunchtime, or that I am watching Game of Thrones on the telly, or that I have a headache and should I take paracetimol?… WHO BLOODY CARES to read all this useless info?????
    so for the time being my pictures stay put on my memory stick and on my computer. And same for my personal details…. each to their own, I guess….

    • WHO BLOODY CARES -> you crack me up! And you are so right, still, people actually do that, upload their tuna salad that is! I am not against social media, it is a powerful tool, but we need to keep in mind our privacy from time to times and not get carried away by all this technology…

  7. What a confusing battle, we want to be connected and be part of it, but I don’t want every single detail about my life out there. My husband is always telling me that I share too much on line, it’s like a curse!

  8. Social Media is a delicate area of balance. It has been a life saver, literally, in emergencies when all phones are down but still can get 3G. However, I really don’t want to know everyone’s very personal business and I don’t think facebook or other social medias are a good platform to share intimate personal information. Just my 2 cents. Great article! Take care and have a super weekend. BAM

    • I see it the same way Bam. Social Media are very powerful and at the bottom line, they are a part of our lives. The problem is that because they come so natural to us, we forget that we should be careful with what we share…

  9. Love the post. and its so true.. they want to know everything and the whole finger print thing is pushing it a little too far maybe. Apple is helping us to protect the info from others but who is going to help protect us from apple? :O

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