IFTTT ~ Put the Internet to work for you (Honestly!)

Today I am introducing an online tool I will probably never get bored of! I have mentioned it before, but as time goes by I love it even more…

 IFTTT really does what it says,
it puts the Internet to work for you!

With IFTTT you can create ways to connect different channels (like facebook, gmail and more) to work for your automatically, just fill in the blanks → If This Then That ← and you are done!

Take a look at the following hottest recipes trending and ask yourself, “what should I cook today?”

Do you always forget your umbrella whenever it rains? NO MORE! IFTTT has the solution for you with the “Let me know if it’s raining (So I can pack an umbrella)” recipe!

Let me know if it's raining IFTTT recipe

Are you a home automation maniac? Then the “turn on my lights at sunset” recipe is for you!

Turn on my lights IFTTT recipe

And of course there are lots of “traditional” social media recipes such as “When #Facebook profile picture changes, update #Twitter profile pictureand so much more including channels like linkedin, instagram, evernote, pocket, bufferdropbox and the list goes on…!

Did you find the perfect recipe for you yet?

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