Who is behind Google

Today i had a strange revelation of truth.

It became clear when i started thinking…

And Google???? Who is behind Google??? How come i haven’t heard of it? Do people don’t talk about it on purpose???

And then it hit me…

Pinky and the Brain must be behind Google!!!

Pinky and the Brain

God… they finally managed to take over the world…!

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50 thoughts on “Who is behind Google

  1. And here I was…on Sunday morning clicking on the title of your post being absolutely sure this question of the century will be finally answered. You will have managed to get through all the mazes of information to come up with the absolute truth. And I was not wrong! 🙂
    Your ability to make me smile never lets down.

  2. Yeah, who is that masked man – or woman? What’s up with that? I Googled it, haha. It appears Larry Page is the CEO but I’m sure you did that already. Who ever even heard of that guy?!?!?

  3. Personally, I hope they do take over the world. Google is the single most useful tool on the internet. I use it for absolutely everything. Once educated on how to use Google you can do anything, learn anything, find anything. It’s a tool everyone should learn to use. Just “Google it”! – 🙂

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