Blog of the year? Who me???

I have to say this was the toughest award post i ever wrote. 
It has changed forms so many times,
my garbage basket if full of paper... (yes i still use paper)

You know i need to sew the award rules to fit my body. The other way around is out of the question. Being nominated for the blog of the year 2012 award surely flatters me (thankful-i am), but this award’s rules really made me crazy. SO i decided to skip them.

Yes, rule No.3 i am SO ignoring you right now!!!

For all of you who want to play fair, you can check the rules here. I won’t. (and this → . is a full stop) And because these rules were extra pushy for me, i even made my own tacky badge!!!

Yes rule No.3, i am still talking to you!!!

my blog of year


And another thing, FYI rule No.6, i am not collecting stars!

Gosh these rules made me furious… Calming down now, calming down…
Breath in – breath out

Before i say anything else, Rahul, Mridula, adinpaeadise, Eunice, catbird, Cristi M. and my Greek friend Joanna,  THANK YOU! This video is for you guys! I love this chick! 😀


And now for the Nominees!!!!

Oh crap…. i am about to start talking about myself again…. Sorry for that, i just can’t help it! I have taken this award the wrong way from the very beginning! And every time that happens, my head just sticks to that corner like a stubborn child and won’t move no matter what.

So i decided that i shouldn’t push myself into nominating someone just because i HAVE TO, when i see that my head doesn’t want to cooperate. And once again, i won’t. It’s not that i can’t think of anyone who deserves the award of the year. It’s that i wouldn’t pass this award to my friends if i couldn’t wrap it around them the way they deserve it and the way it suits each one of them.

Since i can’t do that (no words downloading from my head-blank page people, blank page…), i am simply going to leave this award right here on the flour with a note. (And apologize for being a major pain in the ass when it come to awards.)

Open a window for creatioN



if you can’t open it, then just break the @$%^#&! window!!!

72 thoughts on “Blog of the year? Who me???

  1. Hi,
    Your post made me laugh…but it is so true.
    Well done to you! I also declined. However, apart from the award being totally over the top I also had personal reasons. My path with this particular blogger had crossed before… so link back to her blog…hell would freeze over first.
    and I’m normally a kind and charitable person.

    I thought about creating a “Pigs Might Fly” Award… 🙂

    • hahahaha “hell would freeze over first”!
      I really had a tough time with this award… its rules looked too marketing oriented for me. Ok, i understand that we all (?) want to increase our readership but some things are just too much to accept. Plus most awards totally forget about fun and creativity….
      I have thought of creating an award too!!!! My award-my rules!!! I would LOVE the “Pigs Might Fly” award!!! Sounds exciting and fun!!! Go for it, brake the stupid award rules girl!!!

  2. Hmmm yes I will attempt to draw and then make a badge giff of a flying pig…
    Rules…there are none! …well it can only be nominated to people with a sense of humour 🙂
    Stars…oh my yes we must have stars…just joking… 🙂

    • Hahahahaha you gotta have stars!!!! 😛
      Plus i like the bit-of-info part. Crazy or interesting info about the blogger or the nominees! I feel like i am getting to know the people involved!
      When your award is ready, i SO wanna wear your badge! 😀

  3. Good for you – I hate stars, especially gold ones… When Miss Z was little and they had them in school I armed her with a whole packet of them to do with what she pleased. Not well received… And Facebook, really? Something else I am developing an aversion for just ” like” too many rules (where’s the “don’t like” button?) and people saying that you “have to do it this way” – isn’t there a work-around? Can I make one? Love your video, made me laugh. I think you should knit yourself a sweater that has “rules, rules, rules” embroidered on the front and “no, no ,no” on the back – that’s copyrighted, btw…. Thanks for making me feel better this morning!

    • At last!!!!!!! A person who thinks like me!!!!!!!!!!
      I had the same reaction to this award rules! Well, i generally have an “aggressive” reaction to rules, but this award just crossed the line…. When i saw the feacebook rule i thought YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!
      Oh well, like i said, my blog-my rules!
      I love the idea of the no-rules t-shirt!!!!!!!! 😀 And i am so glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂

  4. The video is hysterical and OH YEAH! I HEAR YA! Not that I don’t like accolades but I feel an award is for what I did. Not what I did now earn it some more. I follow, like, comment because I LOVE YOUR BLOG. That’s the award. New, fun, interesting friends. That’s really all I want. Like Sally Field, I want to be ‘liked’.
    I did invent an award. It’s called the Gratitude Award – No Strings Attached. Check it out, if you want. No strings attached 🙂
    Great post, ioanna.

    • I remember your award Gemma!!!! I couldn’t have said it better my friend, the true award is having people visiting and dropping a line! And it get even more exciting when you get to a point when you remember their names without having to peek in their gravatar! 🙂
      Now that is a true award! 😀

  5. Ioanna, you are hilarious!! That crazy little chick is so funny: Ah Pulchino Pio!! Whatever the heck that means!

    What to do about these awards?? It’s a dilemma! I like your way of dealing with them, just making your own rules. And have fun! None of them mean anything anyway, unless they come with true and heartfelt admiration for your blog. 🙂

    You’re the cat’s meow. Or maybe I should say, the chick’s pulchino pio!

  6. My blog always has been an award free zone. I would love awards, to be recognised by my peers, but it’s all the extras that are a total waste of time. So I just say no thanks. Ralph x

  7. well….cngrts…n last line is awesome “break the window”.. 🙂
    i mst admit…ur writing keeps the reader gripped…. its so plain, simple, interactive n ofcouse interesting….i felt s if v r sitting across the table n discussing… yes “LIVELY” is the word that summarises ur way of writing…

    Keep posting….!!

  8. Reblogged this on prettyswan and commented:
    I am reblogging tis post is to announce a lil bit more my dear far away greekfriend for her award. She’s d friendliest blogger friend i have known in 2012. And d funniest of course…hahahahahha.. Okcay..and for her funny video.. Iv repeated and brought my phone all around d houz to show my sisters n mom! Epulcino pio..gluglu..baubau..moomoo.. Omg.. Did i js sang? Hahaha.. Congratz ionna 🙂 love, swan.

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