Weekly Photo Challenge: mine

I have a thing with my stuff. It’s serious.

I am collector. A clinical case. I collect anything. My house is filled with unnecessary little things gathered up on shelves or inside boxes. Seashells in bottles, old coins in money boxes, stamps in other boxes, little shot glasses, bottle lids, and the list goes on and on….

So i decided to open up one of my little boxes for you…

Take a peek inside…

Forget the peek, i am emptying the box!

A closer look to a few things…

One of my favorite addictions, keys! I looooove keys! I have small keys in boxes (like these here) and big keys hanging on the wall or just laying on the table. My favorite one is a bunch of old prison keys like the ones we see in the movies! Next to the keys there are some old coins, a bone (yes, a bone! God knows where i had found this…) and a plastic fly.

Some dice, which also fascinate me but i don’t have many…. Where would i find dice anyway? Cause of course this box contains things i found and took, not bought. Some left overs from my old wrist watches. I never seemed to be able to throw any kind of clocks in the trash. It would be like throwing away my “old time”. I also found a little compass among the clocks! 🙂


Do you have little treasures hidden in little boxes like me?

Seriously, it will make me feel really well knowing that i am not the only weirdo with boxes…!

100 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: mine

  1. Cheers to a fellow collector! I recently saw something about being an artist “horder”. It was funny, because it’s true. I always think I can make something from anything. I save caps, lids, buttons, I LOVE keys too, shells, rocks, sticks, coins, stamps, chinese cookie fortunes, bottles, lots of things. Found a cool little bone too recently on a beach walk. I like boxes too. Thanks for the photos! They are great!

  2. Interesting little cache you have there, Ioanna. 🙂 The bone is quite a mystery, and the plastic fly could be quite funny if placed on someone’s salad. They may not want to visit you again though. 😆

    • Exactly how i feel! I keep every little thing for a its own little reason. It sounds interesting but my house ends up stuffed with little boxes…… It freaks my mom out everytime she visits (you know, how i should clean the dust and all) but i like it!

  3. We are kindred spirits – I too collect all manner of odds and ends, some are in little boxes, some in drawers, some hidden away in my warehouse (but that is another story!). One day I would like to build little shrines, sculpture or shadow boxes from all these little things. Do you remember where all your bits are from? I do most of it – imagine how much space that takes up in our brains!

    • Awww, another artist horder! I love my boxes… i love opening them after a lot of time and remembering what every little thing stands for me. There are stuff though that i just find and pick up, so there is no particular memory behind them, like the bone and the fly. I can’t remember where i have found them….

  4. a bone??? and a plastic bug?? thank god it wasn’t a cockroach dear! hahaha. but the dice are sooo cool!! ..yeah, i keep receipts…(so that i wont feel guilty for spending too much when i keep the long receipts!!!!) ,yes indeed, i have “MINE” too…secretly…hehe… 🙂

  5. Yes Ioanna…I understand you…I have at least 4 boxes (shoes boxes) full with the most strange things…We can start by the stones….I LOVE recollecting nice little stones (and not so small)….I also have two hip´s replacements (the bones, not the capsules), one big and one small…I have nice buttons, from my mom, or my grand mom´s blouses…I could go on and on…;)

  6. I bet each treasure brings wonderful, happy memories. Great collection. Me …I collects images and memories. I used to collect island shell necklaces and bracelet for Summer but I lost the box…I can’t bear lossing another one.

  7. love watches too! Time is precious…reminds me of the movie: In Time: starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried
    Galore of knick knacks! so that’s the term “clinical case” i’m also suffering from that kinda ‘case’ or much of a ‘syndrome’ 😦 😀

  8. Wow it’s a beautiful box with very interesting stuff inside! I used to keep random little things in a box too when I was a little child, but now… I have a whole desk with drawers to keep my weird stuff xD But I’ve been considering buying a box – one from Daiso which I thought would be awesome to start this collector habit all over again 😉

    • A whole desk with drawers is not bad!!! That means you are full of little things! XD Boxes have another charm though…. kinda like magic, you get to open them like a chest! Ok, i think my condition is getting serious….! 😛

  9. I remember my aunt had a box filled with stuff like this and when I was a little kid I used to spend hours looking thru all the different little things she collected. It felt like being on a treasure hunt. Very creative post…good job.

  10. Lol, “forget the peek” – great! 🙂
    What a treasure box you have there, quite nostalgic! I have a box for every country that I lived in and just love to take a peek now and then… Memory boxes are really important to me! But what I do collect like a madwoman (even though there is no real point in it) – movie tickets! I have like hundreds of them and I cannot quite explain why can’t bring myself to throw them away lol

  11. I collect a little of a lot of things. I can’t even pin point them as they are a variety of odd items. I guess like your little box – Oh, and I collect art.
    Anyway … great post. I liked it very much.
    I have a new photography blog that is spearate from my writing blog. If you have time and would like to pop over I’ll put my url below.

  12. Must be the Taurus thing :S, hoarding I mean… Now, I understand all the mess hubby managed to create in his den!!! Thank you for enlightening me 😀

  13. I have a great many boxes filled with assorted stuff. The girlfriend and I have been filling jars with little shells recently too, and have two filled so far. Hurricane Isaac passed by and the beach here was covered with goodies, so now there’s a bag filled with sea fans that I swear I will one day do something with…. And two new jars of sea beans that drifted to Florida from South & Central America (so cool!) and then there are a few bags of fossil shells we collected….and a bag of little golden crystals….and the window is filled with little coral heads that washed ashore… So yes. You might say I’m a collector too!

    If you get some time this week I’d love if you’d participate in our new weekly photo challenge as well! http://www.letsbewild.com/photo-challenge/

    • I just love sea shells! I ‘ve been collecting them for years, since my parent’s house in our village is just by the beach! Unfortunatelly i don’t find many of them very often, we don’t have hurricanes in Greece to bring the sea inside out! Your beaches must look amazing, full of little treasures! 🙂
      I will definitely take a look at your photo challenge! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know! 😀

  14. Your story made me smile!
    I’m not a collector myself, quite the opposite, I close my eyes & chuck everything out. But that little box sure looks great 🙂

  15. You do have some interesting collections. Prison keys. Neat. I suppose I have collections, too, without trying to. Mostly photography odds and ends that are no longer useful but I can’t bear to get rid of. But perhaps my strangest collection is some shark teeth that my husband brought home for me to photograph for our nature book, Sharks and Rays of Hawaii. The variety in shark teeth is really quite amazing.

  16. keys? yes when I was little, everybody seemed to have keys to the house/car etc, so I wanted to “feel grown up” and would collect spare (useless) keys and carry them on a key-ring, made me feel “important”…. watches? yes I have a collection of a few… coins and old banknotes too…
    Dice? no I am not a gambler like you …. 😉

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  18. Wow, you have a lot of comments! I’m jealous! So, here is my brief comment, (I do still need to make breakfast).I guess you picked up something most people do, but rarely admit. Or I guess I would always say I’m not a collector, but everything I have is for a reason! The things I like to keep are: buttons; for shirts that actually come with them and mainly in case a button actually does fall off, shells; although not so much anymore as the beaches don’t have as many, rocks/crystals; always, beads; even the ones I find as I always say “I’m going to make jewelry with this”; which I am finally starting this year, chinese cookie fortunes I keep for my son’s memory box, my wallet and the refrigerator (although after I moved I threw away about a handful of them). OK, this is brief for me since I’m a writer! Off to breakfast! Have an awesome day!

    • Nice to meet you Asttarte, thank you so much for your kind words!
      You are my kind of person! (or vise versa) Among the things I love to collect are buttons, sea shells, sea pebbles, and chinese cookie fortunes! 😀 Me and you would totally make an awesome exhibition! 😉

      • Very cute! I also love art; paintings, photos, pictures of animals and children playing, lovers, music, you name it! I also love painting, dancing and singing! And am attempting to make my very first mala’s within the next few weeks as soon as the rest of my supplies to make them arrive! 🙂 I also am working on downsizing and selling some clothes I no longer wear, toys my son has outdated and books I don’t need! It’s time to clean and detox! 🙂

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