I’ve got mail!

Ok, i have to clean up first…

desk mess

Finally, after all this time, i ‘ve got mail! And i haven’t got actual paper mail for so many years! (this is so touching!)


My letter came all the way from Portugal, Lisbon! A few weeks ago my dear friend nonfashionista had a giveaway to  celebrate the fact that her blog reached 1000 likes. For that matter she decided to send a gift, the Body Shop black Eye definer shade, to the girl whose name would come up while taking names out of a hat.

Guess what! That was my name coming out of that hat! 😀

eye liner, letter

And you know what’s the best thing? Apart from my great eyeliner, i also got a little letter!

rip it open


My friend non, thank you for the mail, the little pink envelope with the hidden message, the eye liner! You made me smile! 🙂



P.S.1 No, the writings on my hand are not done with the eye liner, they are done with permanent marker. I guess i am going to carry this message for a loooooong time! 😛

=> P.S.2 If you want to have mail too, take part in my friend’s give-away for her 6 months of blogging! I have! 🙂 

60 thoughts on “I’ve got mail!

  1. Lucky u, Ioanna!! I just loved the whole idea..giveaway for a blog milestone that too by snail mail..nice. and the writing on your hand is a fitting ‘thank you’ 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely post, ioanna. How exciting to get something in the mail which isn’t a bill or a tax demand. I really miss the days when letters used to go back an forth across the sea. Congrats on being a winner. 🙂

  3. Great post! I love love love snail mail and I also adore nonfashionista 🙂 How nice to actually get to “see” the winner of her giveaway! Congrats, my friend! (And great use of the prize, too!)

  4. Awwwww….! This one would really serves you some ecstasy I know. Getting a SURPRISE gift would always gives some special moments or memories. 🙂


  5. This was so much fun! Being pulled out of the hat as much as your “Thank you” and joy of receiving a…real envelope with a lovely content. 🙂
    I do remember hand – written letters since they use to be sort of hobby of mine while back at school and a couple of years after. And my very first pen-pal Elisa from Florence later became a dear friend of mine. Have to confess I still write a letter or 2 now and then. Because it feels different than typing, more personal, more of me in it. And still do feel happily surprised when I receive one.

    • It is so sad we don’t mail each other any more….. That’s a good thing you still do, even if it’s only once or twice! Hand written mails truly depict our character… And the kid in me just loooooves ripping the envelope open! 😛 It’s like a gift! 😀

      • I prefer to. For a couple of reasons – to see my handwriting is still more or less ok among them 😀 But I do agree there is that innocent joy of a kid in me, too when I receive a real, hand – written letter.

  6. It’s soooo nice to receive something through the mail like that. My blogging buddy from Australia, had a giveaway and I won! She delivered it to me in person as she is Portuguese and was coming to Portugal. I was touched she took the time out to meet me – we have been buddies for nearly 2yrs!

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