Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirited Shark

I don’t believe there is nothing more free than a dolphin swimming down the bow of a ship. This video is not well taken, but it’s taken by me, at a trip at the Dodecanese islands, in October 2007 ! 🙂


And since we are at the bottom of the ocean, let me introduce to you Crete’s great Taurus Shark, who lives in the Cretaquarium a few years now.

Taurus shark


Taurus shark


jelly fishThe story behind this great predator is this. He came in the aquarium in 2005, being still a baby shark. When he was put in the tank, all the other small fish attacked him! He wouldn’t have survived if a diver hadn’t rescued him. I am sure now no little fish has the guts to even speak to him!

I guess even big guys like this shark could use a hand some time! 🙂



36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirited Shark

  1. Love how you mentoned, video’snot so good but was taken by yours. Love that. A lot of bloggers refrain from showing what they got because they think others have better. Screw that, be proud of wht you got!

    • Thank you Rommel! Well, it really is not a great video, and i know that cause i was there! A video like that doesn’t even come close to the real thing! 😀
      Plus i am not going to go in that “comparing” lane, we are all having fun here! At least i am! 🙂

  2. Amazing creatures, both dolphins and sharks. They can go through the waters without a care or on a mission. I liked your video (don’t care if it was good or not), you took it and explained you were on a trip; people take photos and videos on trips. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Somehow dolphins remind me of dogs…..! They are so cute and playful! I love them! 🙂 I have a video of the shark too, i didn’t post it though cause i keep shouting to a friend of mine… “Hurry up George, he is coming!!!” 😛

  3. Nice images. I like sharks….in aquariums, that is. Not sure how fond I would be if I were out swimming and I saw him in the vicinity, but other than that, they’re cool.

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