Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Those of you who read my summer already know my home, and the love i have for it. Here is a peak of Xerocambos over the years…

This is the “beach of the boats” as we call it, and this boat’s name is “Χαρά”, wich means “Joy” in Greek, and it’s located there for as long as i remember.

This is today. The beach is full of umbrellas for rent, and “Χαρά” is dumped in the Olive tree field across the street.

I know, you are thinking “She is exaggerating, those umbrellas don’t look that bad”

Right behind those umbrellas, where the road starts, there’s a sign-

sea ​​lilies

Protected Area – Pancratiummaritimum – Sea lily

And what’s more, everyone in the village know that in this beach sea turtles lay their eggs. ( i wish i had a photo of that for you…)

Salted Lake, Summer – Winter

This is a wetland, we call it “salted lake” because people used to gather sea salt from it many years ago. It is dry in the summer and full of water in the winter due to the sea waves that reach to it and fill it with water. These photos are taken in 2003 too.

This is today. Photovoltaics located 50 meters away from the lake. 50 meters away from the WWF sign declaring that this is a protected wetland of Crete. So what do you think, will the flamingos and herons visit their lake this year???

This is my home, i ‘ve been spending months here every year since i was a few days old. And yeah, you can’t stop evolution and technology, i know, i am an engineer. But people should also know better and preserve pure nature.

I ‘ve seen eagles dive into the sky to grab a snake, seagulls following me while i call their names, baby sea turtles steps on the sand, pink flamingos cruising the water, fishes with wings bright green, a moon so big and red, skies so full of stars you can’t even imagine…

Respect is a huge word, almost unbearable.

Imagine a beach full of people and among them a big sea turtle swimming, approaching the shore. Maybe she came accidentally. She had a huge hook hanging out of her mouth. The old village fishermen respect those giants. I remember a boy running at a close boat and bringing back a shiny thing. His dad kept the animal’s mouth open and unblocked the hook from her lips. The turtle swimmed back to the ocean with a few people accompanying her.

You see, i fear my kids won’t have the chance to see those animal’s eyes.

They say it’s an animal planet. I kinda doubt that.


-"Once upon a time, there was a little red riding hood, & one day,
  while she was walking in the woods, she saw a wolf..."
-"mom, mom, what's a wolf???"

61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. Thank-you for drawing attention to this in your post. “Respect is a huge word, almost unbearable.” – love that.

  2. I agree, that beauty is when things are more simple, less crowded and people more caring about the environment. The first two images shows nature at its best. Untouched, pure, serene. When a huge crown starts congesting, it stirs up the once tranquil place. Great post.

    • I agree with you my friend. Simple and pure is where beauty lies. People just can’t stay still, they always want more. More money, more energy, more everything. At the end we loose our tranquility….

    • I am amazed to see that there are still people who think the same way i do, Lisa! Hopefully people will understand and charice the beauty of nature at some point…. Nice to see you here! 🙂

  3. What a tragedy. Sadly this is happening in many parts of the world 😦

    On another note, you have inspired another blogger (Paula from Lost in Translation http://bopaula.wordpress.com/ ) to feature your blog as a link in the
    CBBH Photo Challenge. Well done, Ioanna!

    As your reward, you are now entitled to grab the – CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP Featured Me! BUTTON – from the East of Málaga ( http://www.eastofmalaga.wordpress.com ) home page to display in your sidebar (if you want to, of course!)


  4. Animal planet? It’s nothing but a popular TV channel. Most people don’t give a darn about animal life. Planet Earth is ruled by “survival of the fittest”. These days “the fittest” are those with money and power… and some of them have the brain and the survival instincts of a rats.

  5. This is so sad. I know what you man…we bisted the ALgarve 30years ago and it was beautiful -greedy developers have, over the years, built comcrete monstosities right up to the beaches and their natural beauty is destroyed. Luckily the WEstern Algarve was not accessible and is now protected my the NAtional park. Here the beaches are natural and unspoilt – for now.

    I feel so sad for you as I also appreciate nature and want to be part of it, but without destroying it. Less is more…More gives us less..

    • You are right Piglet…. Not only we are greedy, we are also stupid! Preserving nature can bring profit as well if it’s done right!
      Seeing a place change over the years that way is more painful when it’s is your home-place…

  6. I think the Herons and Flamingos will return as usual (unless some fool drains the lake) – Birds are remarkably adaptable. I can’t say the same for the turtles – how long before a row of umbrellas becomes an ocean? Sounds like Crete needs a more ‘local’ charity with a voice, like the UK’s RSPB. Sorry to see these changes. A very good subject for Wrong.

    • Every year there is something “wrong” going on! Local people can’t understand that doing the “right” thing can be profitable too! And when you try talking to them they look at you as if you are the crazy one! 😛

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