Weekly Photo Challenge: Make Art

Ουφ, create is a weird word!!! Supposingly you are talented, you are born that way, your hands work on their own, you have it in you whatever that is, painting, writing, crafting, you make art happen.

Your parents say that as a kid you used to sit quite in a corner and draw. Creating came naturally. And then adulthood happened. And now creation may be liberating, relaxing, expressing but can also be frightening and unsure. What if my hands don’t remember how to work on their own anymore? What if people won’t like what i ‘ve made? What if i can’t think of anything to write? Mr Robinson explains all my thoughts beautifully in this TED talk, a video you should watch.

I know, too much talking for a theme like this and no action…….

Presenting (gagaaaan gagaaaaan!) my creative mess!



And since this post is about creativity, i have an announcement to make. Dear Liza, please stop pushing me into creation. You are making my life tough! 😛

==> Meet Wilber’s entry for the challenge, Create your own aquarium.

94 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Make Art

    • Ευχαριστώ Γιάννη! Μόλις είδα στην ειδοποίηση στο mail μου ελληνικά σοκαρίστηκα (από χαρά πάντα)!!! 😛 Παντού είσαι Γιάννηηηηη! 😀

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    • Τι κάνεις εσύ εδώ;;; Πρώτα ο Ιωάννης και μετά εσύ; Τι θα γίνει, με περικυκλώνετε; 😛
      Free translation ==> Thank you Liza, you are making me blush! 😛

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  4. those are lovely doodles! you sure are a creative person and talented photographer!
    LOvely colors and snaps!

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  6. I remember this TED talk; one of the best 30-minutes of my life. I posted it to my Facebook community page months ago. Thanks to you, I’m going to do it again right now!

  7. Love your creation. Every Art piece gives a bright, happy, child-like enthusiasm that draws me into the subject. It lights up the space that it’s in. You are passionate in what you but best of all, you enjoy what you create and that shows…thanks.

    • Thank you so much for the beautiful words! It really means a lot to me that you took the time to write me what you think of my paintings. This is the way i express myself when i am happy, angry, depressed. It’s who i am. Taking positive feedback (out of nowhere) on that makes me so happy. Thank you. 🙂

      • I’m glad I could make you blush 😉
        As I was reading your post it was like I was written about me. I used to be able to draw, quite well and effortlessly, but then life got in the way and I did little drawing. As the urge to let all that creativity come out got too overwhelming, imagine my surprise when I found drawing is a use-it-or-lose-it talent. At least it was for me. Try as I might it no longer came effortlessly and I gave up in frustration. (Though I know I could do it before, so I will again). Thank goodness discovered photography four years ago. All that creativity NEEDED a place to go! 😀

        • I know exactly what you mean Jeff. But as you found out, creativity sometimes evolves in us. So if trying to draw gets frustrating then you should find what is liberating for you, photography! And it is obviously what you were meant to put your talent to! Many people draw or take pictures, but when the result is not only beautiful but special, then you know you are the right man for the right thing. 🙂
          I am happy for you!

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