Interviewing Twitter

me:    Hi Twitter, nice to meet you in person!

twitter:   Hi Ioanna! (nodding and smiling)

me:   So how are you?

twitter:  Free as a bird!

me:   I see… How old are you Twitter? I hear Facebook is quite older than you, right?

twitter:  Right, i AM quite younger! I was born on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey.

me:   How would you describe yourself in a few words?

twitter:  Online, micro-sharing social network, definitely free!

me:   Micro-sharing? What do you mean?

twitter:  tweet – tweet! Short, smart and clear!

me:   You know you are not helping me with just that! (laughs)

twitter:  You know i can’t tell you much…

me:   I know but give me a hand here!

twitter:  Well, users make short, to the point updates, share links of interesting stuff by tweeting a 140 letter message, that is meant to be public.

me:   Is that all???

twitter:  Nope, they can monitor conversations, follow friends or even people they don’t even know but admire.

me:  So i imagine a huge tree full of birds humming. But how would i know which bird to pay attention to? That looks messy…

twitter:  Nope, #hashtags show you the content you are interested in. It’s a topic discovery tool!

me:   You said i can type a 140 letter message right? Can i upload photos or videos? You know, kinda like Facebook?

twitter:  You can upload media if you like using the URL that links to them. Tweet the address.

me:   Do you have lots of people flying around?

twitter:  I have more than 140 million active users, 340 million tweets per day. Huge right?

me:   That’s a lot of noise! So what’s so great about you anyway?

twitter:   Imagine you can talk to anyone you like, even if you don’t know him personally. Imagine the knowledge that can be shared among people with common interest around the world! It’s THE place for all breaking news!

me:   I fear you just exceeded your word limit…

twitter:  Just for you my friend. Imagine the opportunities for connection and engagement among people and companies!

me:   Yeah, you got me. You are powerful and overwhelming. Yesterday i got a following request from WordPress. That was shocking! It felt good! So what’s the drawback birdy?

twitter:  I seem to still be a mystery to some people.

me:   Surely to me, but that’s not a drawback…

twitter:  Maybe the volume of messages can seem overwhelming when you are new. But that can be #arranged! 😉

me:   What about privacy? Do i have to be public? I have had a few weird followers the last few days…

twitter:  You can switch your profile to private. I see you are a newbie…

me:   … So do you keep in touch with the other social media?

twitter:  Sure, we hang out a lot!

me:   Facebook told me about your vacation in Greece last summer!

twitter:  That was fun! Only Facebook talks too much…

me:   Just one last question, how do you like your new you?

twitter:  Love it, i ‘m fierce!

me:   Thanks for your time Twitter, it was it was a pleasure talking to you.!

twitter:  Always happy to tweet you!

BackStage Peeks…

Twitter was all over the place. Just couldn’t stay put. He kept looking outside the window every time a noise was heard. Not to mention the fact that he kept giving me small answers. The 140 letter limit i assume. However pretty annoying. The whole interview felt like a telegram…!

sources: by Sam byBrandon Smith

10 thoughts on “Interviewing Twitter

  1. Great to meet Twitter through your interview. This is amazing, ” I have more than 140 million active users, 340 million tweets per day.” Now that is huge. Wouldn’t it awesome if that 140 millions users all synch together to bring a positive change, like peace, or helping those in need? Social media can be a good thing when used right.

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